Beekman Stars After School Program is part of a seamless series of programs that promote a holistic development from birth to career.  Our teaching philosophy is based on four shared practices: Faith, Cultural Responsive Teaching, Experiential learning and Social Emotional learning.  Our staff strives to establish authentic relationships, instill positive ideals, and lay a common groundwork that will provoke positive individual and collective change in a healthy and safe environment.  We work to build a foundation that results in lifelong learning.

Our services include: after-school pick up, homework help, and other educational and recreational activities. Passion Projects on Fridays, which encourage our students to explore the arts and identify their talents. We are in need for two bilingual (English - Spanish) group leaders for fall 2019.


After School staff meets:  

  • Monday to  Friday 12:35 to 6:30 pm.

  • We work with the DOE calendar. We do not work July or August

Group Leaders are required to:

  • Do pick up at our participating schools (PS30, PS65, Heketi)

  • Help students with homework

  • Prepare Lesson Plans for:

    • Daily enrichment activity (these vary by day and can be in collaboration)

    • An educational enrichment activity for students without homework

  • Attend staff meetings

  • Keep areas clean and organized

  • Maintain an orderly environment and prevent behavioral issues  

  • Have initiative

  • Enjoy teamwork

  • Love children

  • Be positive role models for our participants

Additional responsibilities will be discussed during the interview process.

This is an hourly position. Pay rate starts at $15.00 per hour and rate can increase depending on the amount of college credits approved.

Preferred Candidates will have experience working with children (elementary level) and interested in the education field.
For more information, contact Oxil (oxil@ahouseonbeekman.org).