At After School, we are advocates of our student’s holistic development through the interconnection of: cultural diversity, creativity, faith, and education.

Our staff strives to establish authentic relationships, instill positive ideals, and lay a common groundwork that will provoke positive individual and collective change in a healthy and safe environment.  We work to build a foundation that results in lifelong learning. Our services include: after-school pick up, homework help, and family time - where students learn and discuss topics ranging from the history of African dance to creating math stories with superheroes. Passion Projects happen on Fridays, which encourage our students to explore certain passions and identify their talents. Through our “Meet the Artist” days, artists from NYC come in to share their experiences and provide an opportunity for our students to be exposed to the impact of arts in people’s lives.

After School meets M - F, 2:30 - 6pm. Priority is given to students from PS 30 and PS 65 

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