A House on Beekman provides a seamless series of holistic programs from birth to adulthood that empowers our neighbors in the South Bronx to create long-term change to break the cycles of poverty through incarnational relationships.

seamless series


Our Current Programs


Babies to 3 empowers and equips caregivers to take ownership of his or her infant’s growth and development.



Our preparatory program for preschool aged children prepares children for Kindergarten and beyond by fostering growth in all areas of development- academic, social, emotional and spiritual.



After-School teaches our kids to love learning, see it as an a venture of life, and that learning is not just confined to the four walls of a classroom.



Summer Camp is a place for 100 children in the South Bronx to have four weeks of learning enrichment, creative thinking, and healthy eating. They get to explore new places, serve each other, and learn in a safe and positive environment.