TGC Youth Winter Camp

299428_161243843962266_387676392_nThis past weekend, we had the privilege of taking a bunch of our teenagers to a Winter Camp in Bushkill, Pennsylvania. There we unified under the theme of “Together” to learn about seeking & finding Paul, Barnabas & Timothy relationships in our lives. (Yes, I do mean “our lives” as I found myself taking notes at every session. Truth is for adults, too.) We didn’t simply sit & listen, though, as we found ample time to play hoops, participate in a talent show & have some epic pillow fights.

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was watching one of our high school graduates step up as an adult leader. Having been a camper for the past few years, he accepted a role as a cabin group discipleship leader & sat beside me all weekend as we journeyed with our cabin of middle school boys through what these three relationships are, what they mean, & who fills those roles in each of our lives.

Trinity Grace Church Youth, led magnificently by Tyler Staton & a dozen or so other volunteer adult leaders, continues to be a wonderful & life-giving partner with us here in the South Bronx, & they are located all the way down in Manhattan’s East Village. Hallelujah. We even were blessed to have a local born & bred South Bronx pastor as our camp speaker.

Please pray for our youth as they enter this week back into non-retreat city life in their homes & schools. We can only plant & water. Please pray that the Lord will provide increase in the beautiful hearts of these teenagers. Thank you for reading.

Job Openings

Our vision at A House on Beekman is to come alongside babies when they are in their mother’s womb and follow them all the way through college and beyond. We started this three years ago with our first class of Mommy and Me. The newborns that started with us then are now turning 3 and we intend to start a Preschool for them in the fall of this year. As a part of this growth, we have two job openings at A House on Beekman. Our current Mommy and Me Director will be pioneering our new Preschool program so we are looking for a new Mommy and Me Director who can build on the strengths that already exist in the program while bringing a fresh vision to take this program to the next level. We are also hiring a Lead Teacher for our Preschool that will also serve as its Assistant Director. See details for both positions below.


Mommy and Me Director

 Mommy and Me is a program for moms with babies ages 0-3 that equips moms in the South Bronx to take ownership of their child’s growth and development and empowers them in their role as a mother. A House on Beekman is seeking a Mommy and Me Director who will incorporate new vision for this program while building upon its existing strengths.



*bachelors degree (prefer education, psychology, family studies, human services or related fields)

*5 or more years experience with children and/or adults in a leadership capacity

*preferred-willing to live in Bronx

*preferred-bilingual English/Spanish


Role description-

*oversee and design programs for women and children including creating or finding curriculum

*communicate and coordinate with teachers and childcare assistant

*facilitate women and children’s classes when needed

*coordinate staff development for teachers and volunteers

*create and implement any emergency supply/reward systems (diapers, books, etc)

*create a recruitment plan to find women and children for program

*participate in staff meetings and staff development programs

*coordinate/oversee volunteers

*develop relationships with key agencies in the neighborhood for moms

*conduct or oversee home visits of mothers in the program

*coordinate with Executive Director to create metrics and be accountable to those metrics

*fulfill fundraising needs when necessary such as thanking donors, speaking engagements and creating fundraising material specific to Mommy and Me


Key Characteristics-

*aligns with the mission and vision of A House on Beekman

*exhibits a genuine nurturing, caring attitude towards mothers and children

*can create and maintain a safe, ordered learning environment

*exhibits flexible nature

*possesses ability to manage conflict and change

*is able to effectively communicate with a broad range of individuals and ages


To apply email with a cover letter and resume by April 4th.


Head Teacher/Assistant Director Position


A House on Beekman is starting a preschool program in Sept 2014 that will foster the development of 3-4 year olds and prepare them to enter Kindergarten. We are seeking a Lead Teacher that will also serve as the Assistant Director to lead our children in their social, emotional, spiritual and educational development.



*NYC Teaching Certificate in Early Childhood Education or Related Field

*3 or more years experience teaching children under 6 years of age


Role Description:

*Co-teach preschool class of 3/4 year olds

*Serve as Director when Head Director is not present

*Assist Head Director in Curriculum Development/Child Assessment/Parent Support/Staff Development

*Communicate with parents and encourage their input regarding the growth and development of their children

*Hold 2 home visits and 2 parent/teacher conferences per child per year alongside Head Director

*Actively participate in staff training and development


Key Characteristics:

*Aligns with the mission and vision of A House on Beekman

*Builds and maintains a positive, nurturing and supportive relationship with children and families

*Maintains a safe and healthy environment in the classroom and on the playground

*Possesses the ability to set and maintain professional boundaries with families


To apply email with a cover letter and resume by April 4th.



Budding worship leaders at after-school!

Despite the frosty weather, these past couple months have seen an early “spring” of enthusiasm in our Friday worship time at after-school.  Ben has faithfully led worship each Friday since after-school began in fall 2013.  His joy and energy are contagious and it’s always been  a pleasure to see the kids jump and shout and laugh as they learn about God through song and celebrate His love for us.

But in recent months especially, we’ve seen more and more kids stepping into leadership in worship time alongside Ben.  Several of the kids have written their own original lyrics and songs.  Steven, Tooson, Shahida and others have been eager to join Ben up front and share their songs for God during worship time.

One day, we noticed Mariah–who, I will admit, I wasn’t sure was always understanding or paying attention to the lyrics of the songs we sang–doing little dance moves she had invented to express the meaning of the words of “Break Every Chain.”  Out in the crowd, completely unprompted, she made big muscle arms as she sang , “There is POWER in the name of Jesus” and made a defiant tearing motion with her hands as she belted out, “To BREAK every chain, break every chain, break every chain.”  We realized what was happening and invited her up front with Ben.  Next thing you know she’s teaching the entire after-school her moves!

This past week, we learned that  Azarra, our youngest after-schooler, has been learning how to play the guitar.  She sat side by side with Ben during worship, singing and strumming her little heart out.  In fact, she was so confident, Ben asked her to lead the ladies in a couple rounds of the chorus on her own.  She sang loud and clear, “Yahweh, Yahweh! We love to shout your name, oh Lord!”  Azarra’s mother was with us during worship that day.  At the end of the day, as she and Azarra prepared to leave, she admitted that all week long back at home she had thought that Azarra was just singing nonsense words.  She hadn’t realized that “Yahweh” was another name for God.  It turns out Azarra had been singing out his name all week at home.

All year long, we have been asking God to help the kids discover the passions and gifts that He has planted in them.  It’s so beautiful to see the kids not only discovering these gifts and passions, but so quickly wanting to turn them straight back toward God to praise Him and bring Him glory.

Azarra joins Ben in singing "Yahweh! Yahweh!"

Azarra joins Ben in singing “Yahweh! Yahweh!”


Mariah shows how Jesus "breaks every chain."

Mariah shows how Jesus “breaks every chain.”

Apply for our Summer Internship!!!

Every year for the past 3 we have hired summer interns to not only help with our summer camp, but to learn more about urban poverty and how christian community plays a role in rebuilding the kingdom in these neighborhoods.  The time when the interns are here is always my favorite part of the year and we can’t wait to see who God sends us this year. The internship is reserved for college students and has a time commitment of a little over 7 weeks.   If you or anyone you know is interested in the internship then read more about it below and fill out an application at the bottom.  We will be taking applications for the month of February and start the interviews and hiring in March.


Information for Interns


As an intern for A House on Beekman your primary role will be with our summer camp.  Camp consists of 100 children and is split into 8 different groups usually based on age.  The age groups run from kindergarten through 5th grade and the intern’s job is to be the group leader for one of these groups for the whole summer. Your daily routine will be to guide the groups to different activities throughout the day.  Each week a new set of mission teams will come to assist with the different activities and will act as support for you and your group. Camp will start around 9:00 and end around 4:30 M-F. The main job of the interns is to consistently love the children of our neighborhood.

 Camp activities:

Bible, games, service, arts, crafts, math, brain builders

 What you need to know:

  • Interns are required to be here June 20th- Aug 7th

(2 weeks of prep and 1 week of cleanup)

  • Dates of actual camp is July 7th – Aug 1st
  • Housing is provided (kitchen, bathroom included)
  • Breakfast and lunch included as we will eat these meals at camp
  • You will need to raise support, as this is not a paid internship.

(We will suggest an appropriate amount and help you with the idea of fundraising and any literature or presentation materials you may need)

Most importantly, we want you to love our kids in a way they have never experienced before.  A love that shows grace and humility. It is also very important to us that this summer consists of spiritual growth in your life as well.  We will spend time with God together daily and be challenged in what it means to be a follower of Christ in a forgotten neighborhood.


Apply for the internship here:


If you have any questions email


Leaps and Bounds

Mommy and Me has resumed with a bang this new year! We have loved being in our permanent space-the moms have a spacious, comfortable area where they can discuss parenting topics and encourage one another. Our children have an incredible play space, outfitted with age-appropriate toys, books and supplies.

But the best part of our new year has definitely been seeing the leaps and bounds growth in our 2-4 year olds! We have established routines that we expected would take quite a while for the children to remember…things like putting all their belongings in their cubbies when they arrive, sitting for circle time, staying in their chair for the entirety of lunch time…these are big skills for such little people. But not only have our kids remembered these new routines each day, they are also blowing us away with their excitement about remembering colors and shapes, recognizing letters and numbers, devouring books, and becoming great sharers! They help one another, cheerfully sing the “Clean Up” song when it’s time to transition, and tell their moms about all their activities when it’s time to go home. We are so proud of our future preschoolers!

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