Intern for A House on Beekman!

Are you looking for an internship this summer? Are you in college? Do you like working with kids? Do you have a heart for ministry in NYC? Are you ready to have the best summer yet?

If you answered yes to all, some, or even one (well… maybe two) of those questions, read on!


As an intern for A House on Beekman your primary role will be with our summer camp. Camp consists of 60 children and is split into 6 different groups divided up according to age. The age groups run from our graduated pre-schoolers through 5th grade and the intern’s job is to be the group leader for one of these groups the whole summer. Your daily routine will be to guide the groups to different activities throughout the day. Each week a new set of mission teams will come to assist with the different activities and will act as support for you and your group. Camp will start around 9:00 and end around 4:30 M-F. The main job of the interns is to consistently love the children of our neighborhood.

What you need to know:

  • Interns are required to be here June 20th – Aug 4th (2 weeks of prep & 1 week of cleanup)
  • Dates of actual camp: July 4th – July 29th
  • Housing is provided (kitchen, bathroom included)
  • Breakfast and lunch included as we will eat these meals at camp
  • This is not a paid internship, but there is an option to raise support if you want!

(We will suggest an appropriate amount and help you with the idea of fundraising and any literature or presentation materials you may need)

Most importantly, we want you to love our kids in a way they have never experienced before. A love that shows grace and humility. It is also very important to us that this summer consists of spiritual growth in your life as well. We will spend time with God together daily and be challenged in what it means to be a follower of Christ in a forgotten neighborhood.

So, want to apply? Fill out an application here

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Dads & Babies in Babies to Three!

**This post was written by Cole, a regular attender in our Babies to Three program**

I suppose I’m partially responsible for the change of name from ‘Mommy and Me’ to Babies to Three; otherwise it simply would have been inaccurate, as daddy and baby became a fixture of the program as much as any mommy. But really that’s besides the point.


The Babies to Three program at A House on Beekman has really been an unexpected blessing to my family. It’s provided a place for us to learn, grow,  and share with other parents within our community – so for that I’m grateful.


I discovered the program this past fall when my wife was student teaching in Manhattan, and so for the first time it was just me and baby all day, everyday. I was very intimidated at first by this new situation I found myself in, wondering how I was going to do it. Fortunately I was walking past the storefront like facade of A House on Beekman one early fall morning when a woman whose son is in the the pre-kindergarten program there managed to convince me to come inside and meet the Directors of  Babies to Three. Right away I connected with them and right away I felt comfortable there. I began to attend frequently and consistently after that, and it really helped me in that season just to know that there was a place where I could go where there was community, support, and acceptance.

Make A Joyful Noise!

Music is an extremely important part of a preschooler’s day-singing, chanting, moving to music and learning finger plays are all fun ways to learn and reinforce concepts of all kinds. Our kids love music!

Many of our preschoolers have never had the opportunity to be exposed to instruments outside of the drum or guitar. Imagine their delight when our own Ms. Lauren and Ms. Sarah brought real instruments to demonstrate!

We learned that string instruments make sounds when a bow is pulled across the strings, causing them to vibrate. The children were astounded to hear the beautiful sound Ms. Lauren made as she began playing! After performing a rendition of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” Lauren gave each child a turn to play themselves. They felt like true musicians as they used the bow to play fast, slow, smooth and choppy!



The next family of instruments we talked about was the wind family. The students loved demonstrating how blowing air into these instruments creates sound! Our own Ms. Sarah plays the clarinet, and she beautifully demonstrated its rich sound through scales and short songs. The children loved having an opportunity to experiment with button-pushing as Sarah blew air into the instrument. “It goes up!” “It goes down!” “It’s really fast!”





With their confidence soaring, we decided to let the students themselves demonstrate the last family of instruments. They learned that percussion instruments are those you strike or shake to create sound. We had our own little band of percussion players as they experimented with cowbells, egg shakers, tambourines, jingle bells, and more!






God knew what He was doing when He commanded us to “make joyful noises” unto Him! The gift of music enlarges our hearts and souls. Thank you, Lord, for music!

A Morning at the Museum

Over the past few weeks at Babies to Three, we have been talking about the importance of healthy eating and exercise for optimum development in early childhood.

Although, we, as parents are aware of this, the easy access to fast, cheap food that is poor in nutrients and the temptation for children to become preoccupied with game apps on phones and tablets means that ensuring a healthy lifestyle becomes a huge challenge in the parenting of even very young children.

The Children’s Museum of Manhattan is helping families to address this issue through its collaboration in the national health initiative EatSleepPlay. This initiative uses creative and fun ways to engage children and support parents in making simple changes in the areas of nutrition, sleep and active play to build a healthy mindset and positive, lifelong habits.


So, at the end of April, after a long and bitter winter, it was great to venture out from our space on Jackson Avenue and catch the train to the Museum in Manhattan where we spent a morning exploring the interactive exhibits that they had on show.


Some of the things we learnt were: how different food groups influence growth and development in various parts of the body, how and why our bodies regenerate during sleep and how that impacts on learning, and how regular exercise strengthens our bodies and prevents chronic long term illness.


Before we left the museum we spent some time on the ever popular ‘Dora the Explorer’ floor and then finished up with some water and sand play and a very entertaining story and song time delivered by two wonderful and long-suffering young ladies on the staff of CMOM!



We at Babies to Three are fortunate to have such resources in the city and while navigating several subway stations with strollers and babies is never straightforward (!), this was another valuable trip in the journey that our children and parents are taking.

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